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Pocha Moodaepo!
Pocha Moodaepo offers simple, common ingredients, generous servings, and a comfortable place to enjoy the company of others while tasting great food and liquor. This is a business that expresses its fine composite art through Korean dining and its rich food culture.


Our Restaurant

Pocha Moodaepo would like to spread Korean culture in Los Angeles, which is one of the most influential trendsetters in the food/culture industry.

Our establishment aims to create an environment in which people can share food and culture with others. This is what sets Pocha Moodaepo a part from the other Korean restaurants in Los Angeles.

Pocha Moodaepo


E-Mail: choco2007@live.com

3014 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Business Hour: [Mon- Sun]:05pm-02:00am